An Edfu morning

A friend of mine had recently summed up Edfu as ” the people are hospitable, the sunsets immaculate, the memories everlasting”. Edfu had been all of that and more. We had reached there… Continue reading

Kom Ombo and beyond

It had been early evening when we had boarded the luxurious Ms Royal Lotus cruise boat to sail down the Nile. The embarkation point had been crowded and passengers had moved about with… Continue reading

Blue gold of Philae

Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses had a vast, elaborately connected network and their mythological stories had rivaled our own Indian ones in their larger than life quality. Incidentally both the civilizations had worshiped… Continue reading

Nubia and Nile

We had reached Aswan an hour late and the early morning African sun had been harsh. Egypt’s southernmost city had the loveliest natural setting and the blue Nile had flowed through it. The… Continue reading

Towards Aswan

The airport had been located away from the city center and the connecting expressway had been busy with vehicles of all kinds, half finished apartment blocks and blinding hazy heat. The heat had… Continue reading

Dreaming of an Egyptian

Hmmm..let me see..What do I remember of my mega Egyptian trip? That I had been seriously surprised to see how flowers had bordered the roads in glorious tangles; how green it had been… Continue reading

Thai food memories of the old kingdoms

The morning market experience by Maliwan Cooking Class in Bangkok had been eye opening and I had returned to school with bag full of fresh produce and learning. Thai cuisine had revealed its… Continue reading

Thai Food Memories of Isan

What can I say about a cuisine which is already wildly popular throughout world? That it is indeed awesome, packed with a punch and is surprisingly easy to cook. I am a huge… Continue reading

Money Matters Maldives

Maldives is stunningly beautiful and expensive. Visa – The free visa on arrival facility is given to almost all nationalities. Return tickets and sometimes hotel vouchers are required to be presented to the… Continue reading

Maldivian storm and Indian Ocean

The next morning had dawned bright and sunny. The sky had been impossibly blue and the fragrant island air had returned. My date to leave Fenfushi had been drawing near and I had… Continue reading